The Puke List
The Puke List
Abdominable voorheaves Lunch
After dinner mints Make a (technicolor) tribute to Disney
Barf Make an offering to the porcelain god
Bark at ants Make food offerings to the china gods
Be the mother bird Making pizza
Beer belch Meet my friends Ralph and Earl
Blow acid Negative chug
Blow beets Paint the town green
Blow breakfast Parbreake
Blow chow Plant beets
Blow chunks Play at the porcelain altar
Blow din-din Play with the edible yo-yo
Blow doughnuts Polishing your shoes
Blow foam Power barf,boot
Blow groceries Pray to the porcelain god
Blow lunch Pray to the porcelain goddess
Boot (camp) Projectile vomiting
Bow down before the porcelain god Projectiling
Brack Protein spill
Bring it up for a vote Psychadelic spit
Brown nose it Puke
Buick Ralph
Bush Breakfast Read the toilet
Bushit Redecorate
Buy my Buick Regurgitation
Call Buicks Reverse diarhea
Call dinosaurs Reverse drink
Call for huey Reverse gears
Call to the seals Reverse gut
Call uncle Ralph Reverse peristalsis
Casting your bread upon the waters Revisiting dinner
Chewing backwards Ride the regurgitation
Choom Round trip lunch ticket
Chuck a pizza Round trip meal ticket
Chunder Rufus
Chunderchunk Scream cookies
Chunderspew Screaming mimi
Clean house Sell a Buick
Commode hugging Sell cars
Decorate pavement Shout at your shoes
Deliver street pavement Singing the lovely beer ballad
Discourage Spew chips
Divulge dinner Spew chunks
Drain the main Spew snacks
Dribble phlegm Spew spuds
Driving the porcelain bus Spill the groceries
Earl Spunge
Eject Talk to God on the big white telephone
Exspew Talk to Huey down the big white telephone
Feed the fish Talk to John on the porcelain telephone
Feed the houseplants Talk to Ralph on the big white telephone
Feed your young Talk to Ralph on the commode-a-phone
Fertilize the sidewalk Talk to the carpet
Filling the bilge Talking on the porcelain telephone
Gack Taste dinner
Gag Technicolor yawn
Give an oral sacrifice at the altar of the porcelian god Technicolor yodel
Go to Europe with Ralph and Earl in a Buick The Brooklyn mating call
Gurp The Jersey yodel
Gut Painting Throw dinner
Hack Throw up
Harf Thunder-chunder rainbow parfait
Heave (your guts out) To do a bush (originally translated from Japanese)
Honk Tossing your cookies
Hork Tossing your tacos
Huey Un-eat
Hug the porcelain wishing well Unrecoverable application error
Hurl Uncle Fester
Induce antiperistalsis Upchuck
Inverse gut Urp
Involuntary personal protein spill Vector-spew
Jump shot Voiding
Kneel before the porcelian god Vomiting
Kneel before the porcelian goddess Waxing the floor
Lateral cookie toss Whistling beef
Laugh at the carpet Whistling carrots
Launchig the shuttleWolf
Launching lunch Woof
Leave lunch Worship at the porcelain god
Liberation Worship at the porcelain altar
Liquid laugh Wretch
Liquid scream Yabble
Look for O'Rourke Yak
Lose flourescent Christmas cheer Yeech
Lose some chopped carrots Yell at the ground
Lose weight Yell for Hughie
Lose your lunch York

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