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Changed Email link: (Oct 11, 2002) Removed references to the rwoodman email account. I was getting way too much spam. I also killed that account so the spam will bounce. If you need to contact me, use the feedback page.
Added Links Button: (Oct 11, 2002) I can't believe I left this button off. Oh well, I've added it back.
New Look and Feel: (Sept 1, 2002) I created a new look and feel for the web site.
Updated FAQ: (Sept 1, 2002) I updated the FAQ so it includes a lot more history and better answers.
MORE CLEANUP: (Aug 7, 2002) I ran the clean up script again and managed to clean out some more duplicates. I'm now down to 439,488 taglines.
SMARTER SUBMISSION: (Aug 1, 2002) I modified the submission script so that it is smarter. It now checks for a similarity between the submitted tagline and the existing ones. It rejects any that match > 90%.
TAGLINE CLEANUP: (July 31, 2002) I found a neat little module on CPAN that compares two strings and returns a difference factor between 0 and 1. I built a script that uses this module and eliminated all taglines with greater than 90% similarity. That brought the tagline count down from 495,403 to 440,780. The next step is to put that module in the submit script and reject those taglines that are > 90% similar.
NEW HOSTING:(July 26, 2002) I am pleased to announce that I got myself a new hosting service. I am now using Affordable Host for all my sites. The email notification service works and so does the Random 100 taglines. Whoo-hoo!!!

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