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Updates (Feb 16, 2015)

So those changes I mentioned below never happened. Everytime I thought about redoing the site I started to work on it I got distracted playing games. So yea, playing Guild Wars 2 is more important. Just sayin! I also took out the web ring stuff. It was redirecting people from my site to the web ring site. So I'm done with them.

Changes are coming! (Sept 4, 2012)

For those that were wondering, I'm working on a new design for the site. I'm working on putting everything into a database, adding user tags, google ads (I know, blasphamy), and maybe some other features.

More CAPTCHA (Jan 26, 2008) The spammers found the tagline submit page and were writing scripts to submit their junk. So, as much as I hated doing it, I had to put in some protection on the submit page to stop the junk. I hate spammers! Let me know if you see any problems and I'll try and fix it quickly.

Script Problems Fixed (Oct 28, 2007)Oh yea, forgot to update this. It seems like my script problem was actually a problem in the operating system. Anyway, that got resolved and submissions are now working.

Script Problems (Oct 4, 2007) It appears I'm having some script problems with the submit script. I recently had a server change and something is not working correctly. I'll let you know when it's working again.

IM to a new Level:(March 23, 2007) I found this IM service called IMVU. It is way cool and pretty addictive. Basically it's a 3D chat room with a avatar that you can customize to your hearts content. They also restrict access to more adult oriented sections of the site so it's sort of safe for teens. As always, use your common sense.


Feedback Script (Dec 3, 2006) I added some CAPTCHA code to the feedback script to cut down on the spam. It's sad that I have to do that. Spammers ruin lots of things for lots of people. Spam sucks!

Corrections (Jan 15, 2006) I've made some changes so the script file works like it should. I also corrected some links on the various pages. The submission script and feedback scripts are now working again. You can also subscribe and unsubscribe from the mailing list.

New Server: (Jan 10, 2006) The hosting company I was using has really screwed up. They had a server crash and failed to restore my site properly. In addition they decided to no longer allow shell access to the server. I decided to no longer host my site there. I'm on a new server now with a new company. Let me know if you experience any problems.

Tagline Script Dead: (Dec 7, 2004) The hosting company moved me to a new server and did not install a perl module that my scripts use. Until this is resolved the search, submit, and random menu items will not work correctly. Sorry.

Submissions Open Again: (Feb 1, 2004) After a long time, I have decided to open the submission page back up. If you have a lot of taglines to submit, please contact me. I have a bulk uploader that can do it in seconds. Plus you won't annoy the subscribers.

New Server: (Nov 19, 2003) I'm on a new server now. Let me know if you experience any problems.

Submit Turned On: (June 26, 2003) I've turned the submit feature back on. Enjoy!

Submit Turned Off: (June 20, 2003) Due to someone submitting a gosh awful lot of taglines, many of which were really nonsense, I have turned off the submit feature. I'll turn it back on in a few days. In the mean time, if you have a large set of taglines to submit, please use the feedback form to contact me. I have a bulk uploader that can load thousands of taglines in just a matter of seconds without all that email.

Web Ring: (March 30, 2003) I joined a webring. If you are interested, see the links at the bottom of this page.

New Page Aded: (Feb 27, 2003) This page used to be on my personnel web pages through the at home service. After that domain changed to ATTBI.COM, I just never got around to putting them back up. Well, here it is again. Back by popular demand, the official guide to puking euphuisms.

Missing Files: (Nov 21, 2002) Something happened on the server that caused all my tagline files and my scripts to just go away. There were gone! Good thing I make backups. <sigh>

Changed Email link: (Oct 11, 2002) Removed references to the rwoodman email account. I was getting way too much spam. I also killed that account so the spam will bounce. If you need to contact me, use the feedback page.

Added Links Button: (Oct 11, 2002) I can't believe I left the Links button off. Oh well, I've added it back.

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